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House portrait models, hand built to commission.
Royal Collection Trust

Modelling the past at Windsor Castle

Historian Dr Steven Brindle and I gave a talk at Windsor Castle in June 2109 about our collaboration to create three new models.

News June 2023

This recent commission turns out to be one that has had the most amount of interest on social media for a while.
Ben Taggart Modelmaking & Design

News May 2023

I think it may be unlikely that I'm the one to bring you the news that the coronation of His Majesty King Charles III takes place this month...

News March 2023

My favourite of Wren's buildings is possibly one of his smallest and most whimsical works.

News February 2023

I'm often asked about the processes that go into creating architectural portrait models..

News January 2023

Happy New Year to all my clients and friends who have been so supportive in the last twelve months. 2022 turned out to be my busiest ever and I'm very grateful to everyone who made that possible.

News December 2022

This time of year is always my busiest as the majority of my commissions are surprise gifts and they are often ordered as Christmas presents, so as the days count down towards the holidays I find myself working all hours.

News November 2022

For those who might be considering a house history as an idea for a special gift, or are just curious about their home, there's no need to worry! This month I decided to transfer this service to my Modelhouses website.

News October 2022

As nearly all of the models I'm commissioned to make are of historic houses or period properties I usually find out a great deal about the life of the building I'm making.

News September 2022

I seem to have recently had a run of work creating lost buildings. In June I made a model of Rockingham Castle as it looked in the 13th Century, in July I reconstructed a large 1930s house recently destroyed by fire and this month I've been asked to make a lost shop.

News August 2022

I've been working on a project since January unlike any other I have ever been involved with.  This has been a fascinating journey from devastation to a rebirth, literally rising from the ashes.