Large Projects

Large Projects

Museum Work and Corporate Media Commissions

Models for public viewing require a very particular approach. Ben’s models are not simply copies of buildings, whether ancient or modern, existing or demolished; the model must work to evoke an atmosphere and create an impact on the viewer which will not easily be forgotten. The ‘wow’ factor that a large scale model produces cannot be replicated with other media, such as computer imaging. The addition of a scale model to any exhibition has a twofold benefit; not only does a model serve to illustrate the topography or layout of a scene or building in precise detail, but it also becomes an artefact in itself.

Ben is able to advise as a consultant, working with museum designers and curators to enable any model commissioned to fulfil its intended role precisely. Ideas and input can be offered on exhibition display, choice of scale, design of display cases and installation lighting.

Royal Collection Trust

Historian Dr Steven Brindle and I gave a talk at Windsor Castle in June 2109 about our collaboration to create three new models.

Ben Taggart Modelmaking & Design

In a programme for BBC2 Lucy Worsley and David Starkey celebrated the 500th anniversary of Hampton Court Palace and the christening of Henry VIII’s long awaited son, Prince Edward.

Large Projects