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September 2021, and just now things are really busy at Modelhouses!

I am very lucky to have a fascinating range of projects on the go at the moment. Large models, including a Scottish castle and an entire London street scene set in 1900, along with a range of really interesting house portraits in box frames. This beautiful Georgian manor house has just been completed as a birthday gift!

Last chance to see..

One sad piece of news for me is that the model of Auschwitz concentration camp at the Imperial War Museum is due for removal on 3rd October.

The exhibit, designed by sculptor Gerry Judah has been on permanent display in the Holocaust Gallery for over 20 years.  I played a key role in constructing it, and as the model has never had a cover or case I have cleaned and made minor repairs to the structure every 6 months since its installation. I will miss my nights at the museum, although being amongst all of the artefacts in the gallery alone at night was unsettling to say the least!

The IWM London will be launching a new Holocaust Gallery next year (details here) and the model will hopefully find its way to being exhibited in another museum. Plans have not yet been finalised, but watch this space for details! You can read more about the making of the model on my Large Projects Portfolio page


Special Offer Continues for September

Thanks to the ending of the Covid restrictions I am now able to visit and measure up houses all over the country once again. During the past year and a half we have all found new ways to work around the challenges of the pandemic, and evolving new working practices has actually brought some advantages.

I have found that it has been increasingly possible to create portrait models without visiting the property, but simply by asking the owner to take some pictures from which I can draw up my plans to build the model. I now encourage my clients to work with me in this way as it saves time and expense. It’s not always possible for me to work just from photos, and I still like to visit to measure the house where the architectural details are complex.

The usual cost of a house portrait model in a box frame is £2,160+vat. including a site visit to measure up. Without the site visit the cost is normally around £1,860+vat. For a limited time this cost also applies to all local commissions for the whole of South-East and Central London even if a site visit is carried out.  (more details about ‘small projects’ here).

Any Building Anywhere

Please feel free to get in touch to make an appointment. Remember that it is possible to create models of any type of building, from town house to shop or country house. Without a site visit this makes the ultimate in surprise gifts! This service is not limited to the UK and commissions are welcome from anywhere in the world! Please email me a single photo of your house and I will provide you with an estimate, or give me a call for more information.