Medium Projects

Discover the process behind commissioning a beautiful scale model of your home

For 25 years Ben Taggart has created ‘house portraits’. Often commissioned as gifts, these unique architectural models accurately capture the detail, colour and texture of very special buildings, cherished by their owners.

The process involves a site visit and a measured architectural survey, carried out by Ben. In discussion with the client, decisions can be made about which part of the building is to be modelled. The model can show the whole building plus some surrounding garden or land, this is known as a ‘table top’ model. Alternatively, one façade or elevation of the house is featured so that the model represents a ‘slice’ or portion of the building.

From the drawings, measurements and photographs taken on site, Ben produces a set of plans. The client is given a copy of these drawings and can then decide on the scale and size of the finished model before construction begins.

Materials Used

Each model is constructed primarily out of wood. The finer architectural details are rendered in plaster of Paris, plastics, fibreglass resins and brass. Each component is individually made for every new commission; no ready-made items are used.

This construction process can take several weeks or even months depending on the complexity of the building. The final process that brings each model to life is the painting. The aim is to recreate as much of the true character of the building as possible, for example, the weathering and texture of the slate, stonework and bricks.

Presenting your model, the final touches

Each model is designed with presentation in mind. There are various options available for displaying the finished piece. The model is usually mounted within a hand made vitrine case. This is a polished wooden case with non-reflective glass panels.

If lighting is required it is possible to design a system of illumination as part of the base, and even include lighting within the model itself.

Every commission is unique and designed specifically for the individual requirements of each client.

Models for Planning in Paper and Card

At the other end of the spectrum Ben also creates models in paper and card. The visualization of building layouts in three-dimensions is often a challenge, even for those familiar with reading plans and elevation drawings. Working with architects and interior designers, or taking direct instructions from clients Ben can create scale models which enable a clear understanding of complex spaces. These models are quick to produce and relatively inexpensive. Interior and exterior spaces can be modelled and the results provide an invaluable tool in reaching a design solution, or illustrating a planning proposal.