Small Projects

Small Projects

Discover how to commission a beautiful detailed scale model of your home, framed and ready to adorn your wall

A portrait model of your home is the ultimate in unique gifts. Every element is individually hand-made for each specific model. As well as architectural accuracy and detail, Ben Taggart’s model houses are painted and finished to create a wonderfully life-like appearance, reproducing the natural weathering and texture of the real building.

Each model is presented in a custom made box-fame, in stained oak, with non-reflective glass. The model is mounted in the frame on a sheet of card, sympathetic to the colours and tones of the building itself. On the background a title can be printed with the name of the house, and any other personalised text required, along with a scale in feet or metres. The typographic elements of the printing will be designed to harmonise and compliment the architectural style of the house.

The challenge with using a box frame is that the depth of the model is limited to just a few millimetres so many elements of the building are foreshortened. The extent and shape of the model will be discussed in detail prior to construction and the owners can decide on how much of the house should be included. Some elements such as drainpipes can be omitted if necessary, depending on the client’s preference.

The process involves a site visit and a measured architectural survey, carried out by Ben. This will result in a scale drawing being produced and sent to the client. The drawing is printed out at the exact size of the proposed model so the client can make sure they are happy with the dimensions before construction begins.

Commissions take just a few weeks to complete and the average size of the finished framed portrait is about 30cm x 50cm or 12’’ x 20’’. The models are usually made at a scale of 1:50 which means that an ordinary front door, for example, would be about 4cm or just over 1½” high.

Prices start at around £2,000 for this highly individual service, including vat and framing. The cost is dependent on the complexity of the building and the overall size. Additional costs such as direct travel expenses are taken into account when preparing an estimate. If visiting the property is not practical then models can be produced from photographs alone, so commissions can come from all over the word.

Estimates for projects are available on request. Please see our Prices and Options for details.