Wallingford Castle

Wallingford Castle is today something of an enigma. A ruin submerged beneath mounds of earth and lost under the modern town of Wallingford in Oxfordshire. The Wallingford Museum commissioned Ben to rediscover this lost treasure and create a large model showing the castle in its heyday. Members of staff at the museum had worked tirelessly for years to amass information from archaeological surveys, Lidar surveys and contour maps, but no paintings of the castle or images exist, so Ben worked closely with the team for several months drawing plans using the available data. The result was not only a highly detailed model, but also a total appraisal of the layout and design of the castle, the function of many buildings and the level of the fortifications. Ben was able to apply his experience of working with Windsor Castle and other projects to design large portions of the castle from scratch and produce a lifelike and meaningful visualization of this historic site.

For more information please visit Wallingford Museum https://www.wallingfordmuseum.org.uk/