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Ben Taggart Modelmaking & DesignBen Taggart Modelmaking & DesignBen Taggart Modelmaking & Design

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Ben Taggart Modelmaking & DesignBen Taggart Modelmaking & Design

Historic Reconstruction

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Ben Taggart Modelmaking & DesignBen Taggart Modelmaking & Design

Heritage and Listed Buildings

Miniature Architectural Wonders

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Small Projects

Small Projects

Commission Ben to make a ‘miniature architectural wonder’ for you. The front of any house can be perfectly reproduced in model form by hand. The building is surveyed and photographed, and from this information a unique house portrait is created. The highly detailed model is presented in a box-frame, making it an ideal gift for anyone with a passion for their home.

Medium Projects

Medium Projects

Creating models of complete buildings usually includes a full architectural survey and the drafting of a set plans showing every aspect of a building. The finished model is then constructed by hand, presented on a base plinth including some surrounding land. It is protected by a museum quality Perspex or glass case. Models can be made to any scale required.

Large Projects

Large Projects

Ben Taggart offers a complete service covering design, historical research, a dialogue with experts in archaeology and historic buildings, drafting of plans and, ultimately, architectural model construction. Working closely with the client Ben provides an exacting level of detail in every aspect of a project from concept to installation. His work in this field is predominantly on historic reconstruction models for leading museums.

Architectural Models

“It is a sense of ingenuity that attracts me to modelmaking, never quite knowing what I will be asked to make next, or how I will make it.

There is always an element of design where I can use the knowledge I have built up over the course of my career. My work is not merely about miniature replication, it goes to the heart of understanding buildings, their structure and their layout.”

Ben founded Ben Taggart Modelmaking & Design in 1994 producing architectural models for private clients, property developers, museums and architects.

Illustrated House Histories

Combining his love of architecture, his eye for detail and a fascination with social history Ben also produces fully researched illustrated house histories. This enterprise was formerly known as ‘Archistory’.

Working with a specialist in house history, a short narrative of about 2,000 words can be written to accompany either an architectural drawing or a scale model, mounted in a frame to produce a unique and unusual graphic portrait of any home.

About Ben Taggart

Ben studied Graphic Design and Filmmaking at Central Saint Martin’s School of Art from 1987 to 1990, specialising in model animation, prior to that he had attended a Foundation course at the Central School of Art & Design. On graduation Ben started work immediately for Gerry Judah Studio Ltd. There he worked as a designer and modelmaker with clients including; Robinson Lambie Nairn, BBC 1 and BBC 2 Presentation Graphics departments and Channel 4 Graphics. In the mid-1990s Ben worked freelance for a wide range of companies from architects to theatre designers before starting his own business.

House Histories

Some kind words from clients

T-M. Museum curator

We are thrilled with the models.  They are just so beautiful and the detail extraordinary. You are incredibly talented in what you do.

A.J Architect

These are AMAZING.  The detail and the various textures are brilliant.

F.B Private home owner

The model looks amazing, really! I’m so excited to give Tony such a special surprise for his birthday.

T.D American client

The model is amazing.  You are an artist.   A Brilliant Artist .  Thank you!

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