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June 2023

This recent commission turns out to be one that has had the most amount of interest on social media for a while. Everyone loves the fact that it is such a very ordinary but clearly individual home. It goes to show that the models of palaces, stately homes and castles are not as fascinating as a model of something far more familiar.

I love the way that taking a house out of its context and creating it in miniature makes it so interesting. It seems that the smaller something becomes, the more people want to look at it!

To explain the layout of the model a little, the left hand side belongs to a family who own both houses. The right side is a separate dwelling but the owner wanted a model of the two together, and I was happy to oblige.

Any Building Anywhere

Please feel free to get in touch to make an appointment. Remember that it is possible to create models of any type of building, from town house to shop or country house. Without a site visit this makes the ultimate in surprise gifts! This service is not limited to the UK and commissions are welcome from anywhere in the world! Please email me a single photo of your house and I will provide you with an estimate, or give me a call for more information. The usual cost of a house portrait model in a box frame starts at around £2,500+vat.   (more details about ‘small projects’ here).