News December 2022

This time of year is always my busiest as the majority of my commissions are surprise gifts and they are often ordered as Christmas presents, so as the days count down towards the holidays I find myself working all hours.

News November 2022

For those who might be considering a house history as an idea for a special gift, or are just curious about their home, there's no need to worry! This month I decided to transfer this service to my Modelhouses website.

News October 2022

As nearly all of the models I'm commissioned to make are of historic houses or period properties I usually find out a great deal about the life of the building I'm making.

News September 2022

I seem to have recently had a run of work creating lost buildings. In June I made a model of Rockingham Castle as it looked in the 13th Century, in July I reconstructed a large 1930s house recently destroyed by fire and this month I've been asked to make a lost shop.

News August 2022

I've been working on a project since January unlike any other I have ever been involved with.  This has been a fascinating journey from devastation to a rebirth, literally rising from the ashes.

The Doric Cat Flap!

I've been making architectural models professionally for over 25 years and this project is definitely the most unusual thing I've ever been asked to build! I was approached to create a Doric portico, not in itself an unusual request, until he told me it was to frame a cat flap in his kitchen! This year has been tough for us all and receiving this request really made me laugh and cheered me up.

The Auschwitz Model: The Experience of studying the unimaginable

In 1999 the sculptor, artist and designer Gerry Judah asked me to help construct a model portraying a section of the vast Auschwitz concentration camp as it existed in 1944. Although it has been over 20 years since the model was completed I still regard it as perhaps the most important project I have worked on and certainly the one which required the most emotional energy as well as creative skill.

It’s the Little Things in Life

For over twenty five years modelmaker and designer Ben Taggart has literally carved out a niche running his own very small business making architectural models.

Architectural Alphabet Challenge

In order to create a little distraction from the days ahead I would like to play a little game and I welcome anyone to join in.

Latest News

As another year draws to a close and we are all rushing to prepare for Christmas, there's not much time to write a long piece this month