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Architectural visualization - using models for planning proposals

The visualization of building layouts in three-dimensions is often a challenge for those not familiar with reading plans and elevation drawings. Ben Taggart has had over twenty years of experience in working with architects and interior designers and taking direct instructions from clients to create architectural illustrations in the form of scale models which enable a clear understanding of complex spaces. The ability to render textures such as brick and stone in miniature means that especially for Listed Buildings and conservation projects Ben’s models can be an invaluable tool.

Heritage Projects

Ben was a key member of the heritage reconstruction team working on a large manor house in Oxfordshire. His modelmaking and designing skills helped to secure the title of ‘Best restored Georgian country house of the year’ from the judging panel of the Georgian Group Architectural Awards, sponsored by Savills.

On this project, as with several others, Ben was able to work as Client’s Agent providing a vital bridge in communication between his client and the restoration team. This insight into the design meant that Ben illustrated and visualized the client’s many ideas and instructions. He was then able to quickly work them up into detailed schemes, solving design and layout issues, checking dimensions on site and producing working scale drawings for the team to examine along with card models.

Card Models

Card models can be an alternative to more complex architectural models. They give an idea of space, volume and detail with a high degree of accuracy. These maquettes can be constructed at short notice and for a modest budget and can make a fantastic impression for planning meetings.

Architectural Drawing

Ben has frequently undertaken architectural drawing projects with the same eye for detail and accuracy required for modelmaking. An in-depth familiarity in converting plans into three-dimensional objects and a training in Graphic Design means that drawings are produced free of any snags or anomalies between plan and elevation. Illustrations of furniture, fixtures and even the positions of paintings are included in Ben’s drawings to aid with interior layout and give a sense of scale. Recent work has included designing a new–build five bedroom house from scratch for planning application along with numerous interior designs for extensions to private houses.  


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